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Small Town Handcrafted Mead

Slaymaker Cellars is an award winning meadery located in Idaho Springs, CO. We are dedicated to using high quality ingredients, making great mead, and giving back to the community.

We are a Benefit Corporation. "B corps" are for-profit corporations that are not only beholden to their shareholders. They also have a legal responsibility to do good in the world. In support of that goal, we strive to do the following:

What is Mead?


Mead is "Honey Wine". We work with local apiaries to source the best honey around. We then use traditional winemaking techniques to ferment the honey into mead.

Mead may be the oldest fermented beverage known to humans. It was popular from 12,000 years ago all the way up to the renaissance, when beer and grape wine took over as the most popular drinks.

In the modern day, mead has been seeing a bit of a resurgence. Slaymaker Cellars is excited to be a part of this new renaissance.


Upcoming Events

One of our favorite things is to get out there and meet our fans. We always have new events coming up. We welcome you to come taste our new offerings and learn about mead production.